What a difference 12 hours makes.   A decent night’s sleep, some food and I feel so much better.  Yes, yesterday was all about doing things regardless of how you feel, but it’s so nice to feel good and do them! Sleep is the most under rated recovery, health enhancing, beauty treatment, brain boosting tool … More sleeeeeeep

The little decisions

A subtle shift that I’ve been working on in my training and in my life is sticking to those small decisions and commitments that I make.  Meaning no compromising or rewriting workouts or changing plans because it will make something easier. I’m not talking about things like doing the laundry or getting my husband to … More The little decisions

Messy brain

Maybe it’s because it’s foremost on my mind but I continually run into reminders that addressing my mind and the limitations it lays on me is essential if I am ever going to live the life I want. I want to achieve lofty goals: qualify for Kona, start a full time coaching business, write, be … More Messy brain

Back on schedule

Today was the first training day for 2017 season.  That was my first thought as I dropped into the pool and pushed off the wall.  The water was on the cold side and, as I always do, told myself the worst experience of the cold would be the first push off.  Just go and it … More Back on schedule

Last day in Kauai

At least I can finally spell it right on the first try. It’s been a good vacation and with our plane not leaving until 10pm I’m committed to making this a full vacation day.  It is, however, hard not to acknowledge that tomorrow evening I will be back in my own house on the other … More Last day in Kauai